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The Role of Professional Cleanings in Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is a common oral health issue and if this is not treated, it can lead to serious consequences. This condition results in the inflammation and infection of gums leading to tooth loss and other health issues. You need to maintain good oral hygiene practices at home but going or regular dental appointments is also important. Here, there will be dental cleanings done so that it can help prevent gum disease.

Gum disease will progress in stages

And this will start with gingivitis which is marked by red and swollen gums. The gums may also bleed when you brush or floss. This is a condition that is caused by build-up of plaque. If you notice bleeding gums, you need to make an appointment at the dental clinic. You can visit sddentalcleveland.com.au to learn more about this. If gingivitis goes untreated, this will lead to periodontitis. This is the more severe form of gum disease where the gums will pull away from the teeth. This will created infected pockets and it will cause bone and connective tissue supporting teeth to breakdown leading to tooth loss. Professional dental cleanings are performed by a dental hygienist and this can help prevent and manage gum disease. Even when you carefully brush and floss your teeth, there are areas that are hard to reach and plaque can build up here.

With time, plaque will harden into tartar and this cannot be removed by regular brushing.

When you go in for a dental cleaning, specialised tools will be used by dental hygienists so that they can remove tartar and plaque from above and below the gum line. This is an important process as build-up of tartar can lead to gum inflammation and infection. By going for regular dental visits, gum disease can be detected early on as dentists and hygienists will be able to identify the signs of periodontitis and gingivitis during routine examinations. You can prevent gum disease from progressing further during these routine examinations. In early stages, gum disease is a reversible condition when you obtain professional treatment. If a patient is showing signs of gum disease, dental professionals will recommend a deep cleaning procedure. This is called scaling and root planing.

Scaling is where plaque and tartar are removed from above and below the gum line.

In root planing, the root surfaces are smoothed so that gums can reattach to the teeth. This will prevent periodontitis from progressing and enable your gums to heal. When you go to professional cleanings, you will also receive personalised oral hygiene advice. They will teach you the techniques to properly brush and floss along with suitable oral care products to use. They will also give you valuable tips on how to maintain healthy gums. By going for professional cleanings, you can preserve your natural teeth as the risk of tooth loss is reduced. You will also be able to improve your overall oral health as the risk of cavities and other dental issues is reduced.